Distant Energy Healing with 2 readings

Tarot and Distance Healing / Distant Energy Healing with 2 readings

This distant energy healing (Reiki) will go through your energy centres, and auric field to start to heal anything that comes up at the time.  You don’t have to be there at the time, it’s all going to be done and sent to you after via video link, the two readings will be completed after the healing and sent to you too.


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This is a distant energy healing (Reiki)  I will complete the reading at a scheduled time and date and heal all chakras and any other areas that need healing.  You don’t have to be available at the time, although being relaxed and open may be helpful, but it definitely isn’t required as you will be sent A private link to your personal video healing Session to watch after and you will get just as much benefits from this.

The first reading will be an energy reading and it will into energetic based healing.  This is not to be used for physical or mental health conditions.  An unlimited amount of cards will be used to complete your reading though based on the following questions.

1. Long ago past issues

2. Near past issues

3. Situation or You

4. Challenges

5. Step 1 to potential outcome

6. Step 2 to potential outcome

7. Potential outcome

8. Active theme from the past

9. What helps your progress


The second reading is the energy reading will go into each of the 7 main chakras and we will dig into what’s going on with them, and how to heal any issues regarding these.

The 7 chakras are

1. Root chakra, for self preservation, grounding, energy level, vitality and more,

2. Sacral chakra for sexual issues, emotions, nurturing and more.

3. Solar Plexus for ego, projection, digestion, expression and more.

4. Heart chakra for love, healing, compassion, understanding and more.

5. Throat chakra for speech, self-expression, communication and more

6. Third eye for visions, fantasies, dreams, psychic abilities, visualisations of thought, and more,

7.  Crown chakra for cosmic connection, higher aspirations, desire for truth and knowledge and more.


The card readings will be completed on a second video where  you will also get a private video link for those too, on one or two links.  The energy healing is a distant healing NOT in person.  All you need is to be open to receiving it, but being relaxed at the time helps too if you can.

I use a combination of reiki and crystal healing for the distant healing.

All Readings are for 18+ and entertainment purposes only.


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