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Hi, I’m Sarah Tilsley

Welcome to SoulSpark Alchemy

My own transformation journey started with a soulspark moment (see what I did there?) from a tarot reading that revealed things I’d never told anyone, and I knew in that moment it couldn’t be ignored. From that realisation, my business that would later be known as SoulSpark Alchemy was born—a place of empowerment, healing, and growth.

Many challenges, including chronic pain, became the stepping stones to my transformation. Guided by the harmony of mind, body, and spirit, I started my path of authenticity and purpose. This journey not only helped start to healed me but also inspired the creation of a space to empower you.

At SoulSpark Alchemy, we invite you to explore holistic practices, intuitive guidance, and a supportive community. I’m more than a coach; I’m someone who truly understands the obstacles you face. Together, we will create ripples that will go far beyond us, igniting the spark within each of us.

Join us as we embrace change, heal wounds, and empower authenticity. Your story is set to become a journey of profound transformation that will wow your friends and followers, and start the ripples in their own transformation journey.

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Free Confidence Mini-Course

Unlock your inner power and conquer self-doubt with our exclusive Consciously Confident Mastery. Embrace your strengths, silence your inner critic, and step into a life of empowerment and joy. Join now and let your transformation begin!
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Frequently Asked Questions

My courses, programs, and membership are designed to provide a detauled and transformative experience for spiritual souls wanting personal and spiritual growth. Depending on the offering, they can access a range of resources, including self-paced modules, live coaching sessions, intuitive tarot readings, energy healing practices, and tailored guidance.

My teaching style blends practical strategies with intuitive insights, catering specifically to spiritual souls with chronic illness. I combine my psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and empathic skills with my knowledge in coaching, tarot reading, and spiritual practices. This fusion allows me to offer personalized guidance that resonates deeply with my clients, empowering them to overcome challenges, trust their intuition, and achieve profound transformation.

My offerings are tailored for spiritual souls with chronic illness who aspire to lead a fulfilling life aligned with their purpose. Whether you’re wanting to do this for personal reasons, a creative entrepreneur, a service-based business owner, or simply seeking clarity on your spiritual journey, my programs cater to those committed to self-discovery, personal growth, and embracing authenticity. If you’re open-minded, ready to invest in your well-being, and willing to take inspired action, you’re the perfect person for my transformative offerings.

Absolutely! One of my clients, let’s call them Em, was unsure of their purpose before working with me and it was taking over their thoughts and life.  They wanted to start a business that’a fully aligned with their purpose and came to me for a reading.


It was soon evident to me that they were meant to be on stage, speaking to people about the topic related to their purpose, to inspire people and to help others through similar experiences to them.


Today they have their own business in that purpose, have secured guests in their expanding podcast and are growing every day towards fulfilling their  purpose

Clients who work with me on my courses and programs can expect a profound inner transformation. Through personalized coaching, energy healing, and intuitive guidance, they will gain unshakable confidence, crystal-clear clarity on their purpose, and the tools to navigate their new business journey. The transformation includes a deep connection to their intuition and spiritual essence, empowering them to overcome self-doubt, manage energy levels, and align their actions with their soul’s calling.

If you’re unsure about my services, I encourage you to first consider your own intuition and then look my unique combination of expertise as a psychic empath, coach, and spiritual guide. My holistic approach takes into account the challenges of chronic illness while empowering you to achieve your goals and dreams. I offer personalized support and tailored advice, making sure you receive guidance that resonates with your unique journey. You’ll find a safe and inclusive space, free from judgment, where you can embrace your authentic self and experience real growth and empowerment.

As a collaborator and partner, I bring a diverse set of skills and perspectives to the table. I’m passionate about creating meaningful connections and fostering an inclusive community. Whether it’s joint workshops, co-created content, or collaborative projects, I ensure that our partnership aligns with both our values and serves our audiences authentically. Together, we can amplify our impact and empower even more individuals on their spiritual and personal growth journey.

Inviting me as a speaker or podcast guest is an opportunity to introduce your audience to a fresh and unique approach to personal and spiritual growth. With my expertise as a psychic and coach, I can offer valuable insights, practical strategies, and inspiring stories that resonate with individuals navigating chronic illness and seeking purpose-driven lives. My authenticity, passion, and deep commitment to empowering others will add a genuine and transformative touch to your platform, leaving your audience inspired and uplifted.

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